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About Majorca - information for visitors

Blue Flag Beaches

Majorca participates in the Blue Flag scheme for beach cleanliness, a sought-after certificate that signifies a high level of environmental care and quality.

Blue Flag Beaches Guide >

Christmas in Majorca

Christmas in Majorca - what's it like? Will the weather be warm? Is anything open? Just some of the questions you may ask if you're considering a festive break in Majorca.

Christmas in Majorca Guide >

Currency and Money

Information about Majorca's currency, exchange, banks, travellers' cheques and cashpoints.

Currency and Money Guide >

Emergency Services

Essential information about emergency services on the island of Majorca, with contact telephone numbers.

Emergency Services Guide >


Hierbas is a strong herbal liqueur, made from a traditional recipe, and enjoyed all over the Balearic Islands.

Hierbas Guide >

Hiring a Car in Majorca

Fancy exploring by car during your stay in Majorca? Read our guide for information about what you need to know beforehand, and how to book a hire car.

Hiring a Car in Majorca Guide >

Hospitals in Majorca

List of hospitals in Majorca with contact information including phone numbers.

Hospitals in Majorca Guide >

Important Phone Numbers

A list of telephone numbers for important services in Majorca, including consulates, tourist information offices councils and public transport.

Important Phone Numbers Guide >

Public Transport

Find out about Majorca's public transport options.

Public Transport Guide >

Street Markets in Majorca

Majorca is well known for street markets (mercadillos) selling fabulous goods. Read our guide to the best of Majorca's markets.

Street Markets in Majorca Guide >


A guide to Majorca's telephone system, dialling codes, mobile phone networks and public telephones

Telephones Guide >

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