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Something out of the ordinary: Deia is a place where time stands still, picturesque, cultured and magical.

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Deia is a very pretty cliffside village on the west coast of Majorca, about 35km (about 20 miles) from Palma airport.

Situated in the midst of the Sierra Tramuntana mountain range, Deia is a maze of steep, winding, narrow streets and paths, with fantastic views out over the rugged coastline to the sea. The skyline above is dominated by mountains: Teix being the highest, which at over 1000 metres above sea level is the second highest in Majorca.

Deia is a charming and pretty place, with plenty to see and do. The village has an attractive 15th century church, which houses a collection of religious art. Narrow cobbled streets offer plenty to see and do, with art galleries, workshops and stylish boutiques. There are a few bars and restaurants, with amazing atmosphere, offering authentic Mallorcan cuisine and tapas, and local liqueurs like hierbas.

The village itself is small and exclusive feeling - it attracts many day trippers, yet remains free of hordes of holidaymakers. Holiday accommodation here is mainly private villas and holiday homes. There is a luxury hotel, La Residencia in Deia, made up of two restored stately houses.

Many who do stay here for a vacation use it as a base for exploring the mountains, and whole western coast area. Set deep in lush green countryside, packed with pine forests, citrus and olive groves, the surrounding area has a wealth of countryside footpaths. This area attracts walkers, cyclists and nature lovers, with challenging routes and fabulous scenery.

There is a small, pebbled beach in Deia, and it is possible to walk along a challenging coastal path to Puerto de Soller. From there you can take a tram up the hillside to Soller town.

This is a place of dazzling beauty, and of art, culture and romance. Deia has long been a mecca for writers, musicians, artists and celebrities. (There are many legends about impromptu music performances by famous musicians while in Deia, think Jagger, Knopfler, Oldfield. Bob Geldof has a home here, as do Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Branson... and more... so you never know who you'll bump into!)

You can while away afternoons meandering around the winding, twisty streets set almost terrace-like on the hillside, with amazing views out over the sea.

Deia has a significant place in Majorca's history: there has been a settlement on that site since at least the 10th century, and the coastal area close to the village was the site of a major battle in the 16th century. The islanders successfully defended against an invasion of Moors, and the battle is celebrated and re-enacted each year on the 13th May. Watchtowers built following the battle are still in place (ruins) to this day.

“Visit Deia for a taste of something a little different: a quaint, pretty village on the west coast, with splendid views from the hillsides.”

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