Puerto de Soller

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Puerto de Soller is a charming and picturesque coastal resort. Ideal for family holidays, the resort has a traditional feel, a distinctive tram, and a friendly welcoming atmosphere that's sure to win you over.

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Puerto De Soller

The coastal village of Puerto de Soller and its marina are situated in a picturesque horseshoe-shaped bay, enclosed by rocky headlands typical of Majorca's rugged west coast.

Puerto de Soller was originally the port area built to defend the nearby town of Soller, and has evolved to cater for tourists, and is now considered a resort in its own right, although it is not over-developed and has a very definite charm of its own. It has a traditional feel, and is friendly, safe and welcoming.

Popular with walkers and independent holiday makers, the area attracts walkers, climbers and nature lovers, and there are plenty of walking trails around the Soller area. Yet the resort also has plenty to offer visitors seeking nothing more than sun, sea and sand.

Puerto de Soller has two sandy beaches. Es Traves is the larger beach, at about 800m in length. Ca'n Repic is a much smaller, narrower beach, and the two are joined by a wide pedestrian promenade so you can easily walk between the two. Both have plenty of soft white sand, perfect for sunbathing. Plenty of sunbeds and parasols are available for hire and the beaches do not get overcrowded.

There are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants along the pretty promenade, and of course supermarkets and shops selling giftware and souvenirs, beach essentials, clothing and footwear.

Puerto de Soller has a lovely atmosphere, very relaxing and peaceful, with amazing views. You will find a selection of activities in the resort - from boat trips and diving excursions to windsurfing, banana boats, jet-skiing, and pedaloes.

The Soller region is very beautiful, with fabulous landscapes and views all around. The area is set right at the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, and Majorca's highest mountain, Puig Mayor, is a dominant feature on the landscape in the Soller area. There is a lighthouse at the harbour entrance, known as El Faro.

Puerto de Soller has a tram service, the Orange Express, which operates between the resort's harbour and the town of Soller. The journey is very pleasant and scenic as the tram makes its way down to the coast, through fragrant orange groves.

There is also a notable train service which operates between Soller and Palma, with distinctive mahogany carriages, another experience worth trying if ony for the fantastic views and scenery along the way. The train stops and Puerto de Soller beach en-route.

Puerto de Soller is approximately 35km (about 22 miles) from Palma Airport. Transfers to Soller and Puerto de Soller can be quite slow due to the winding, mountainous nature of the route. Transfers typically take around 45-60 minutes.

For laid-back beach holidays or exploring Majorca's natural beauty, the Soller area has it all - Puerto de Soller has everything you could need for a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle.

“Visit Puerto de Soller for peaceful holidays in the sun, with fantastic mountain views and landscapes to enjoy.”

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